Hi! I’m Irene Caselli. I write about the foundational period of our lives that is too often overlooked: the first 1,000 days of human life – from conception to two years of age –  when our brains are built. Everything that happens in these first days, from policy to play, is crucial to shaping the partners, colleagues, parents, bosses and leaders we become.

Yet, raising a child can become a daunting task, one that you can’t learn from books or articles. I’m experiencing this firsthand as the mother of Lorenzo, a feisty toddler. My personal struggles as a mother have helped me realise that child-rearing may seem a private affair, but it has enormous implications for society. In my weekly newsletter, I explore how the personal becomes political when we talk about children.

Children are a third of the world’s population, yet their perspective is missing in our most important conversations. Not so in my stories. 

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